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This is addictive. Someone take Photoshop away from me!!!

In case anyone hasn't seen, FOB and Cobra Starship here, now it's Panic! and MCR's turn.

P!atD and MCR under here, TAI next? )

Now, writing, or getting my daily dose of crack via the new ANTM? Decisions...
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Insomnia + overdose of Buzznet + finding this in my bookmarks =

FOB and Cobras )

I think I'll do Panic! next. Or maybe some TV stuff. This is way too much fun. What is this "real life" you are speaking of? ETA: Panic and MCR now here!

P.S. 13 1/2 hours left to bid at Sweet Charity!
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1. We finally got the faster internet connection. It pretty much rules, streaming videos load in seconds and downloads are super-quick and I love it.

2. In case you doubted that [livejournal.com profile] shiroi_chi and I are crazy, guess where we're going to go in August? Well, the tickets for Decaydance in Cologne arrived today... )

3. Friendslist meme snagged from everywhere, because I'm a sheep. )

4. I have some SPN icons in the making, in case anyone thought bandom had completely eaten my brain. Also, go vote at [livejournal.com profile] spn_iconathon if you have a moment?

5. I really need to go and beta-read [livejournal.com profile] cassiopaya81's economics essay now. ETA: Accounting, it seems, is the most boring subject in the history of ever. How can anyone do this voluntarily??
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Ok, I wasn't going to post about this until I actually had the tickets in my hand, but after hearing the newest news I'm just so full of squee that I can't not post:

FALL OUT BOY. THE ACADEMY IS... COBRA STARSHIP. In Cologne in August. And because I have the very best shiroi_chibraintwin in the whole world, I got tickets.

And who joined the line-up today? PANIC! AT THE FUCKING DISCO.


ETA: And Gym Class Heroes, too?! I don't even have words. No idea how they're going to fit that into one night, and I'm almost worried that they'll, like, make people who already bought tickets for just FOB/TAI/CS pay more on the evening or something. I don't think they can or will, but this is just too good to be true.

Yeah, it was too good to be true. Panics! site was just edited to say that they're only doing the Decaydance Fest in Paris, not the one in Cologne. Damn it.
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I was meaning to go to bed, because even several cups of coffee and an afternoon nap couldn't make up for having slept maybe two consecutive hours last night, thank you, thunderstorm and neighbours that like to wake me up at six a.m. Then I came across these picspams of women in bandfandom and now I really really crave some femslash or het or even just more pictures or quotes or something.

Things that I just learned )

Conclusion: Girls are awesome.


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