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So, FOB show last night! It was pretty good, with a surprisingly unfaily audience. (At least where I was standing, I never know what it's like for others.)

Cut for long and rambling review )

And once again there are no pictures, because I can never be bothered. :| Chi took some, I'll just link you if she puts up a review.

P.S. [livejournal.com profile] pure189, how did you like it? I'm curious. Did you end up hanging around afterwards?
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The show last night was amazing. Too many support acts, not playing two off my favourite songs off the album ("Runs in the Family" and "Oasis") and the kind of lame Berlin audience* didn't even matter.

Major tl;dr recap without any photos. Uhm. )

So, anyway, conclusion: Amanda Fucking Palmer is the best, as is Jason Webley, The Danger Ensemble are brilliant and make me jealous, Zoe Keating and Lyndon Chester make beautiful music, and Battle Circus are pretty and I could definitely appreciate their music in a different environment. Also, Katie Kay is ridiculously gorgeous.

*Re: Berlin's audiences - As much as I love this city, people at shows tends to be really lame. I don't get it, we definitely know how to party, but at most concerts everyone just seems to stand around and nod their heads. :-/
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First of all, there's a queer friending meme going on. I don't remember there ever being one of those before, so yay!

Secondly, I saw Dufus and Amy Rude yesterday and it was pretty awesome. Cut for mini concert review )

You know what I need? A more generic music icon. I miss my Photoshop, why can't I have it at work? :(
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Now that I'm back from the workshop (which went really well, report to come later), here's my in-depth review of the MCR/MSI show last Thursday.

Queuing )

Mindless Self Indulgence )

My Chemical Romance )

And that's all I remember. All in all, FANTASTIC show, and all the efforts it took me to go were absolutely worth it. (Btw, [livejournal.com profile] lovebashed's review is here and [livejournal.com profile] previolace's is here.)

ETA: WAIT WHAT? LJ FINALLY INTRODUCED COMMENT EDITING WHILE I WAS GONE?? HALLELUJAH! Oh the glorious new dimensions this is going to add to wank... :|


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