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First of all, since I'm making this entry public anyway, I want to make an announcement to the people that are expecting Christmas cards from me: You will get them, of course (in fact many of them are already done and lying next to me), but... uhm... they might turn out to be more like mid-January greetings. :"> As most of you know I'm having a few monetary issues at the moment, and I can't afford all that postage. But I will get them out eventually, I swear! Just thought I'd let you know so you don't think I've forgotten you. ♥

Secondly, mostly for me because I want to have them all neatly in one post - the requested ficlets. They're all very short, unbetaed and pretty much just a writing exercise, but feel free to read. ;)

'Maybe' - Sawyer/Sayid, 249 words )
'Second Chances' - Locke, 159 words )
'Who Needs Blue Hair?' - Ginny/Blaise, 153 words )
'No Mistakes' - Brian/Justin, 161 words )
'Nightmare' - Wallace/Keith, 103 words )
'Show Me Your Friends...' - Logan/Veronica, 514 words )

As I said, they were done just for fun and in a matter of minutes, but concrit is of course welcome. :) And if you want to give me more prompts, feel free to do so.
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I never thought I'd do this, but [livejournal.com profile] evil_trisha wants and [livejournal.com profile] evil_trisha gets... :x Requested by and dedicated to her. *loves* (I.e. please blame her for everything. ;) )

Disclaimer: I butchered the English language, stole lines from Wilde's "Teleny" and the Victorian Sex Cry Generator, stole the plot from the QaF pilot because I have no imagination and probably made Oscar Wilde rotate in his grave. Forgive me! ;)
Big, big thanks to [livejournal.com profile] peggin for the lovely beta! :X

Summary: Sometime in the 1880s - a rich man and a starving young artist meet for the first time and have mad, passionate sex. In other words: Shameless Victorian PWP and slightly crackficcy - maybe it can cheer someone up today.

Dandy!Kinney, AU, NC-17 )

This was my first QaF, first AU and first smut - please be gentle? ;;) But feedback is more than welcome and will be very much adored!
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I came across this a few days ago while browsing older entries and I felt like resurrecting it:

Here are lines from the first 20 songs that pop up on my playlist. The challenge: write drabbles inspired by any line of your choice! :D

Inspiration x 20 )

- Even though "drabble" should mean "100 words" I use it more as "short-ish" - definitely won't complain about longer ficlets! *lol*
- All fandoms welcome, though obviously I'm partial to QaF, VM and Lost. (If you write me Sawyer/Sayid or VM femslash I might possibly love you forever. *cough*)
- The last round of this meme is here, for those who want to (re-)read (which I strongly reccomend!)
- If you need more incentive, I guess I could offer icons in return - just tell me if you have a request. (Yes, I am desperate for new fic!)
- PLEASE clearly mark spoilerific drabbles and/or use some sort of spoilerspace. :X


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