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Dec. 16th, 2006 11:40 am
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Finished season one of BSG )

There was also some watching of "My Name Is Earl" and I continue to madly love that show. How it's not very pc and yet always comes out positive; mocking, but not in a mean way, you know? Total feel-good show, more people should watch it.

Next, [ profile] spn_fridayfive:

Even though it's Saturday )

Lastly, but not least - thank you for the adorable card, [ profile] apieceofcake! ♥ Having Jared and Jensen smile at me from my wall rocks. :D And I'll keep that handcare stuff for a special occasion, thanks so much!

As for my own Christmas prep: I've written most cards (not many, but at least I'll be sending out a few), finished my [ profile] spn_holidays contribution, almost finished the presents for my family and started on some online gifts. To do: Buy the cloth my mother asked for (she sewing me a skirt or two for Christmas), prepare gifts for RL friends, bake cookies (this afternoon, yay!). I'll be leaving for Bitburg on the 21st and be back in Berlin on the 28th, in time for New Year's with lots of lovely people. \:D/

ETA 1: *cracks up* )

ETA 2: Seems LJ is not sending me comment notifications, and if it does, they're really belated. *glares* So if there's something you think I should have replied to, let me know.
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Know what? Finally having a proper kitchen at my disposal again is awesome. I can cook more than noodles or rice with veggies! \:D/ Today I made some potato-carrot-tofu curry from scratch (i.e. fry tofu, add veggies, boil in vegetable stock with all Indian spices you have around, throw in some peanuts and/or rasisins, simmer until it has the proper thickness) and tried making naan bread for the first time (which I *love*) and now I'm stuffed. Urgh. I also bought some apple cider, haven't had any in ages and they had it cheap at Aldi. Damn, what has become of my weight-loss plans? *blames the kitchen and winter*

Ok, enough of food-talk, here's the Supernatural.

No Exit aka You're Confusing Your Killers )

And the [ profile] spn_fridayfive: Veeery mild spoilers for 2x06 )

ETA: Also, go over to [ profile] marishna's and share some love for and with the SPN fandom. :X
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Slightly late, but I have to express my love for this episode. ♥ Really, I'd say this was my season 2 favourite so far. )

In conclusion: This show wins, this fandom wins*, and I'll vote Kripke for God next time.

*Seriously, I think that played a large part in me getting so obsessed with the show - there is so much potential wank in this fandom (incest, RPS, abusive/non-abusive? John, ... just to name a few) and yet it seems to be the most friendly, laid-back place I've ever encountered. ♥

And on topic, though a day late: SPN Friday Five )
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I have to shamelessly steal a line from [ profile] nuit: "I could like this show more, I'm just not sure how. It might involve getting tattoos or something, but that's just lame and I'm not that far gone." That about sums it up.

Oh Sam! Oh DEAN! *hearts* )

And while I'm at it, [ profile] spn_fridayfive answers: Argh, forgot to cut that. *fails* )

Ok, off to bed now, am still insanely tired. I'll hopefully finish renovating the old appartment tomorrow, so come Sunday I should be ready to post those song meme results, maybe make some icons (because I must have more SPN ones) and generally be around more regularly again. Good night, everyone! :X
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It's Friday the 13th? That's explains a whole lot. *hmpf* Kidding, I honestly don't believe in the unlucky day thing, but seriously - I slept for maybe three hours tonight, then rolled around in an icky half-awake state for two, finally decided to get up around 5.30 am, zapped through the channels (nothing but crap) and read a bit (Good Omens, not crap at all) and checked if a SPN download was up yet (it wasn't). Then finally got back to sleep around 7.30, to wake up again at nine.

Now I'm feeling tired, icky, I have to move more boxes today and there's still no SPN available anywhere. :(( (Torrents hate me. Today they don't, it seems. :D YAY! *runs off to watch* They do, after all - fucking file is corrupted. :(( ) Is it because half the people are at Wincon? *jealous* I can't even take part in [ profile] win_non_con because I'm too busy. :(( ... God, I've really gotten into this fandom, haven't I? AND I LOVE IT!! Excuse me if I'm rambly today, that happens when I'm tired.

Here, have some [ profile] spn_fridayfive. *makes thoughtful face* )


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