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We just watched Supernatural 3x12, and I can't offer any coherent thoughts. Just - after the first half being kind of sucky, this season has gotten surprisingly good again. ♥

How about the movie meme that everyone has been doing instead?

Guess The Movie Quote )

Comments are screened so everyone can play.

Apropos of nothing: I've been wikipedia-surfing for half the day. I got from something I don't remember to the bombing of Dresden - with a detour to firestorms, the Great Fire of London and the Great Fire of Chicago - and now try not to stray too far from all the causes célèbres. I wish I had time to do this more often. Learning is fun!

Last, but not least: Happy Birthday, [livejournal.com profile] the_flo!
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Everyone is gone for some reason or other, so what do I do? Play sheep and do the voice post meme. :| No phone-posting for me, so it's on imeem (you might need to wait a moment before it shows up, let me know if it's not working) , and also it's loooong. Like, ten minutes. *hides* So if you're curious about my voice or my accent or whatever, there you go:

The questions, in case someone hasn't seen yet, but I repeat them anyway. )

That was really really fun to do! If anyone ever wants to challenge me to record something (that is not singing, trust me, you don't want that), do it! I'm trying to catch up on all of yours now.

P.S: Not sure if my post yesterday didn't show up for some reason, but nobody has done my Johari and Nohari yet. Pretty please? You can be anonymous!

ETA: Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] pandoraiam! I've been missing so many birthdays lately, SORRY!!!
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So, [livejournal.com profile] notthequiettype posted a drabble meme, and this reminded me of a different one that hasn't been going around for a long while and definitely needs to be resurrected:

Here are lines from the first 20 songs that pop up on my playlist. The challenge: comment with a drabble inspired by any line of your choice! Then go and post these instruction in your own journal so people can write drabbles for you.

20 inspirational lines )

- Please do snag this even if you're not writing yourself, because I feel like drabbling (Not sure if this might be a reason not to take it. :-/ )

ETA: [livejournal.com profile] shape5, reading through the comments in the old meme I realized that was when we friended each other. ;)) 2004, wow. ♥

ETA: Drabbles I've written )
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a) I made icons. Just a few, because my muses are not quite there, but I won't get around to doing any more anytime soon, so might as well post them now. Have a preview:

11 Heroes and 11 SPN all in all, found here

b) Here was supposed to be some out-of-the-ordinary Christmas music, but apparently I've burned most of it on CDs that I need to find first. :| So watch out for it tomorrow.

c) Because I'm the sheepiest sheep ever, Stuff my stocking? )

d) Off to work in a moment, and then Earthdawn tonight. Life busy.


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