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Looks like I still have a chance at getting the barista job! *dances* I had given up on it, since they said they'd call mid-last-week (and I kept putting off forgetting to call them), but I just got a call and they said I did really well with the try-out and invited me back for an interview with the manager (who had been away when I was there) next Tuesday. Keep all fingers crossed for me, please? Because I really, really want this job.

Anyway, I finally remembered to listen to the new(-ish) Mountain Goats album, and I really like it. Quick song-by-song thoughts:

Heretic Pride )

And then the new Mindless Self Indulgence album leaked, and it's fabulous. Again, short thoughts while listening for the first time:

If )

Lastly, in a random fit of creativity, I made icons. 30 all in all, a random mix of MCR and FBR bands. Have a preview:

The rest is at my icon journal.
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Now that I'm back from the workshop (which went really well, report to come later), here's my in-depth review of the MCR/MSI show last Thursday.

Queuing )

Mindless Self Indulgence )

My Chemical Romance )

And that's all I remember. All in all, FANTASTIC show, and all the efforts it took me to go were absolutely worth it. (Btw, [livejournal.com profile] lovebashed's review is here and [livejournal.com profile] previolace's is here.)

ETA: WAIT WHAT? LJ FINALLY INTRODUCED COMMENT EDITING WHILE I WAS GONE?? HALLELUJAH! Oh the glorious new dimensions this is going to add to wank... :|


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