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In honour of Pride, Queerics is hosting a give-away, and they asked (among other options) for a post on a queer artist that "melts your heart." So I decided to make the Epic Klaus Nomi Pimp Post I've been meaning to do for ages.

Sadly, it's not going to be all that epic, because his career was short and ended with his untimely death. But please give this fantastically queer, fantastically strange performer a chance, anyway.

You Don't Nomi )

So now you know Klaus Nomi, one of the most interesting queer artists of the last few decades. Now go and join the Queerics give-away and make some queer music posts of your own!
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01. This visualization of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is beautiful. (And it makes me sad, because it makes you realize how few of these rights are actually observed, across the world but even in our supposedly educated, free Western world. Right to marriage, anyone?)

02. Completely unrelated, a random thought that I had on the train home from work: Which three instruments would you most like to learn how to play? I realized that mine would be the drums, accordion and theremin. *facepalm* Hey, why learn something easy and/or practical?

03. We ended up skipping the Kill Hannah show last night, because we were too beat. Instead we watched "Planet Terror" (I hadn't seen it before, and it's fantastic!) and some Mighty Boosh. I'd say we're the lamest, if we didn't have other stuff lined up. (FOB tomorrow! :D )

04. This tattoo is awesome.
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01. Dear Flist: Pride week starts today, so I maded you a muxtape (More on that tomorrow.). As far as technical mixing merits go, it's so-so, but there are good songs! So give it a listen if you want.

02. Dear weather: I will tolerate those clouds, but don't you DARE rain!

03. Dear Berliners: Come to the GLBTQ street fair today! There are lots of infos and hopefully fun to be had! If you want to meet up, I'll probably be hanging out at Lambda's booth. (If you want to be sure to catch me, come tomorrow around noon, since that's when I have booth-sitting duties.)

04. Dear German team: I have no clue what happened, but please keep on playing that way forever, thanks.

05. Dear Turkish team: As much as I like you for patriotic duty alone, did you really have to do that? Now I won't dare to leave the house Wednesday night. German-Turkish deathmatch, yikes!
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Looks like I still have a chance at getting the barista job! *dances* I had given up on it, since they said they'd call mid-last-week (and I kept putting off forgetting to call them), but I just got a call and they said I did really well with the try-out and invited me back for an interview with the manager (who had been away when I was there) next Tuesday. Keep all fingers crossed for me, please? Because I really, really want this job.

Anyway, I finally remembered to listen to the new(-ish) Mountain Goats album, and I really like it. Quick song-by-song thoughts:

Heretic Pride )

And then the new Mindless Self Indulgence album leaked, and it's fabulous. Again, short thoughts while listening for the first time:

If )

Lastly, in a random fit of creativity, I made icons. 30 all in all, a random mix of MCR and FBR bands. Have a preview:

The rest is at my icon journal.
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So, I have been listening to "Goodbye Blues" and the leak/rip of "Pretty.Odd." and I love both of them. Here are my initial song-by-song thoughts, mostly written down as I was listening for the first time. I will start with "Pretty.Odd." so those of you who don't want to know anything about that before it's officially released, but want to read about "Goodbye Blues", can just click the second cut. ;)

Thoughts on Pretty. Odd. )

Thoughts on Goodbye Blues )

Conclusions: Both albums come highly recommended, give them a try if you like pretty, folksy things.
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Here are some pics of the thrift store bargains I squeed about yesterday. Excuse the shitty quality, my camera doesn't like anything that's not outside in the blazing sun. :(

Considering my current line of work it really is kind of surprising that I'm not more of a fashion fiend. Then again, not. )

On a completely different note, I listened to Metro Station for the first time earlier, and it's very much catering to my newfound love for kind of silly, kind of electronic catchy pop. Someone needs to bring the RRRGL tour to Europe! Also, I need more music to satisfy my current craving for electronica. I've been mainly listening to Robots in Disguise, CSS and IAMX, with a bit of Ratatat, Peaches and Björk's more electronic stuff thrown in - can anyone recommend something along those lines?
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Apparently I like making myself miserable, because I just browsed the last.fm events listing. Want a comprehensive list of all the bands I will not be seeing in the next three months?

*sigh* )

I still vote for at least one free show per person per month. Rocking out is good for the soul! Seriously, it's therapeutic. Why has nobody picked up on that yet? *mopes*

Speaking of music, the spams for that meme from the other day are in the works and should be done tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.

Also, I hope it's not considered doubly attention-whoring to post this in a mopey entry, but - My Valentinr - scatterheart
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Remember that band-made-up-out-of-wikipedia-entries meme from a few weeks ago? [livejournal.com profile] prylliepwns had an updated and even more fun version that I had to snag.

1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random
The first article title on the page is the name of your band.
Thunder Swamp Trail System

2. http://www.quotationspage.com/random.php3
The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album.
Same Mistakes, Only Sooner

3. http://www.flickr.com/explore/interesting/7days
The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.
This one

4. Use your graphics program of choice to throw them together, and post the result as a comment in this post. Also, pass it along in your own journal because it's more amusing that way.

5. Go back to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random
Refresh twelve times. These will be your CD tracks.

And thus I present:

Thunder Swamp Trail System - Same Mistakes, Only Sooner )

P.S. Dear neighborhood kids: It's still not New Years Eve. No, really. There's no need for throwing firecrackers into the yard every other minute yet. Deafly yours, Sandra.

ETA: If you do that meme and want me to do the art or write a blurb, just holler! This is way too much fun.

ETA 2: Sweeney Todd is not going to come out in Germany until February 21? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??
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Ok, in a minute I'm off to spend Christmas with my family in Bitburg, so this is me saying goodbye for the next week. Not like it's going to be much of a change, the way I've been absent lately, but anyway... I'll try to check in from there, but it depends on whether I'll be able to lure my siblings away from WoW long enough. (Otherwise I'll spend all the time chatting with my mom and playing Singstar, probably. Yay!)


I leave you with two Christmas songs and see you in a week.

Pansy Division - Homo Christmas (NSFW! As if they ever are...)
Tom Lehrer - A Christmas Carol - "Hark, the Herald Tribune sings, Advertising wondrous things."

And if anything important happens, I'll twitter.
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Fun meme snagged from [livejournal.com profile] kaoru_is_here:

Go to the Wikipedia home page and click random article. That is your band's name.
Click random article again. That is your album name.
Click random article 15 more times. Those are the tracks on your album.

Band name: Standard Assessment Procedure
Album name: Reverolle
Tracks )

Hm. I think they'd be a slightly pretentious post-hardcore band. Their lyrics would be disjointed and full of big words, but have nothing to do with the titles (at least not anything that anyone could discern), and sound-wise they'd experiment with distortions and some electronica, but try to conserve that certain lo-fi feel. They'd probably cite At The Drive-In, The Mars Volta and a whole slew of bands that nobody knows as their biggest influences.

I should stop procrastinating from making gifts, shouldn't I? Hey, at least I was victorious in my battle with Illustrator and managed to put together a decent-ish logo.
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... LJ is going to let me post? So: New crack: The Hype Machine. Founds gems such as another strange music blog and Berlin Underground 1979-1983 (has 2 very early Neubauten tracks I've never heard, even)

Life otherwise: meh. Watched Pirates, liked it. Want to post cryptic emo entries, good thing LJ is a bitch. Am still into bandom. TTYL?
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As you might have noticed, I'm back from the festival - tired, slightly sunburned, but definitely happy. :D Let me tell you all about the weekend:

And it's all Medusa's fault. (Photos, beware!) )

Again next year, no question. This was, to say it with Trisha, like coming home. ♥
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I stole this from [livejournal.com profile] foreword, because I was late for hers and the idea is just too much fun to pass up.

Comment to say you're in.
People reply to comments with songs they'd like original commenter to sing.
Original Commenter replies with recording of them singing requested song.

Addendum: a) Don't worry if you "can't sing" or something (I can't, either) - it's all just for fun, not the tryouts for American Idol. :))
b) Obviously you can refuse to sing something, though that makes it less fun.
c) Feel free to pimp - the more, the merrier. :D
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a) 15 new VM 2x22 icons over at half_by_sea! The unspoilery ones I liked barely enough to use them as teasers in communities, but I'm really happy with how this batch turned out, so... take a look? /self-pimp

b) I realized I never posted the answers to the Guess the Song! that I did a while ago. In case anyone cares )

c) I shall have lunch now and then hop over to [livejournal.com profile] evil_trisha/[livejournal.com profile] nairie's for posing for Trisha's art school application project and helping Dana clean her car. Fun times! :D

d) New Who tonight! Which reminds me of two icons I threw together for someone over at [livejournal.com profile] userpicks yesterday:
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My flist going all OMGWTF?? over Lost amuses me. :D I haven't watched it for weeks, but I might almost be tempted to download this episode, if only for [spoiler!]
Sawyer and Ana-Lucia getting it on. I don't like her character, but the hotness of Michelle Rodriguez and Josh Holloway combined? Hell yeah.[/spoiler]

Because I can't concentrate on anything else, and it's fun: The "I put my playlist on random, post lines from the first 20 songs and you can guess" meme, once again.

20 lines from 20 songs )

I'l screen the comments, so everyone can play until I'm back from class. :)

And now I must continue to keep myself from watching the preview for next week's VM. I want to be 100% unspoiled, but it's going to be hard.
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The very happiest of birthdays to [livejournal.com profile] moonix!! I hope you have a fantastic new year! ♥

Also, I've posted some new icons - 11 Doctor Who "Tooth and Claw", 7 football ones (Germany and some England) and 5 "Beautiful Thing" here. Have a preview:

01. ... 02. ... 03.

Thirdly - I can't resist random music memes. Playlist on shuffle, once again )

Lastly, with no more need for keeping my icons on one page, I'm going to do more public entries in the future. Like this one. I just sort of feel like it. :)

Music Rant

Jul. 24th, 2005 03:32 pm
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I just made the mistake of turning on my TV and watching some MTV. And what did I see - German hip hop. Some people will already know what this post is leading to.

Won't somebody think of the kids! )

Edit: At that humor test that's going round I scored as "The Wit - Clean, Complex, Dark" Like so: )


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