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In honour of Pride, Queerics is hosting a give-away, and they asked (among other options) for a post on a queer artist that "melts your heart." So I decided to make the Epic Klaus Nomi Pimp Post I've been meaning to do for ages.

Sadly, it's not going to be all that epic, because his career was short and ended with his untimely death. But please give this fantastically queer, fantastically strange performer a chance, anyway.

You Don't Nomi )

So now you know Klaus Nomi, one of the most interesting queer artists of the last few decades. Now go and join the Queerics give-away and make some queer music posts of your own!
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This is just something I was thinking about while browsing the flist, and I realized that I know about most, but not nearly all of you. So for future reference, please tell me:

[Poll #1239184]

For those who are as "awake" as I am right now: This is about how you want people to refer to you, not about the sound of them or anything. Just in case that wasn't clear. And I chose checkboxes in case anyone is comfortable with more than one, but please just check those that you really want people (i.e. me) to use when referring to you.

For clarification regarding myself, I'd really like to try and get people to use ze/hir, but I'm pretty much fine with both male and female pronouns as well. ETA: A short-ish intro to gender-neutral pronouns )

(P.S. I really wish there was any kind of gender-neutral pronoun in German, but there is none. We don't even have something like "they", we just tend to default to masculine pronouns instead. I personally don't mind, and I've been thinking about getting people to refer to me in the masculine form in general, but it's not even really considered p.c. anymore. DO SOMETHING, GERMANY.)

Wow, I've had one (ONE!) call in 35 minutes. I hope this is a reward for the stressful last week and not the calm before the storm.
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01. Dear Flist: Pride week starts today, so I maded you a muxtape (More on that tomorrow.). As far as technical mixing merits go, it's so-so, but there are good songs! So give it a listen if you want.

02. Dear weather: I will tolerate those clouds, but don't you DARE rain!

03. Dear Berliners: Come to the GLBTQ street fair today! There are lots of infos and hopefully fun to be had! If you want to meet up, I'll probably be hanging out at Lambda's booth. (If you want to be sure to catch me, come tomorrow around noon, since that's when I have booth-sitting duties.)

04. Dear German team: I have no clue what happened, but please keep on playing that way forever, thanks.

05. Dear Turkish team: As much as I like you for patriotic duty alone, did you really have to do that? Now I won't dare to leave the house Wednesday night. German-Turkish deathmatch, yikes!
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So, Pride parade was... wet. Wet, but fun!

Report and photos )

We were really, really glad to get home afterwards, though. Everyone was wet, tired and hungry, so we had some pizza, randomly watched 3x09 of Queer as Folk, Dana and me both took a nap, ... and then suddenly it was 7 p.m., which was the time we had apparently planned to meet up with Shiva for the Midsummer renfaire.

Some more pics )


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