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Soo, that early-aired first episode. Meant to watch it with my friends tonight, but due to most of them being busy and me being insanely tired (thanks to a random nightly panic attack *kicks brain*) I just wasn't able to restrain myself saw it on my own - at least that way I was able to take notes.

Looks promising - no spoilers beyond 3x01 )

And totally unrelated: A happy, happy birthday to the fabulous [livejournal.com profile] susanderavish!! :X


May. 16th, 2006 08:29 pm
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That makes my shitty day a whole lot better, right there. ♥

Speaking of Veronica Mars, I really wish I had a computer capable of running vidding software (and the mad skillz to do it). Because I really, really want a VM vid set to the Offspring's "The Kids Aren't Alright."
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I'm making 2x22 icons currently, and... well, this just had to be done. Majorly spoilery icon )

Ok, I'll really shut up about VM now. And I really should go to bed. I haven't slept for *counts* 35 hours or so. *yawns* ETA: Yeah, still not sleeping. Can't get myself to. *yawns some more*

ETA: Fun meme nicked from [livejournal.com profile] geekgirlofdoom: It's very simple: you ask me any question (usually it's about yourself) and I answer you with a song that's currently playing on iTunes).
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I can't get this episode out of my head. I like it, and I don't, and I just don't know. Just one more thought about the bus-crashing person. )
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Neutrally cut for those who haven't watched )
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Ok, I caved and watched the preview for next week's Veronica Mars. It's short and vague, so I'm still unspoiled, kthx. I CAN NOT WAIT!!! IT LOOKS SO SCARY AND EXCITING!! I know I've been sort of obsessing for those last two weeks or so, must be the impending finale or something. But seriously, despite some flaws that season 2 had, my love for this show is ever-growing.

If you'd like to help me survive, feel free to rec me fic or vids or any methadone that comes to mind!* For an incomplete list of my personal favourites I refer you to my memories, and if you haven't read [livejournal.com profile] bigboobedcanuck's "Hollow World", you must go and do so now. L/V, Keith, brilliant characterization and one of few fics I know that deals with a rape-plotline well.

*Angst is very good. So is smut. Love L/V, L/D, L/D/V, L/Weevil, Mac/Beav, Dick/Beav friendshippy or relationshippy; Logan character studies; anything with Lilly. And I know I always beg for recs and seldom get one, but I've worked my way through almost everything on [livejournal.com profile] vm_fic and I'm getting desperate here! ... God, I'm such a fangirl. Someone please help?

P.S. There's still a lot of unguessed songs...
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First of all - [livejournal.com profile] moonix, I got your letter, thank you soooo much! *loves* I've never eaten pepper chocolate before and it's so yummy! ♥

Secondly, icons! Because with every new obsession comes new iconage. Plus three AtS icons I posted before, because I want to have them in a proper icon post.

01. Image hosting by Photobucket... 02. Image hosting by Photobucket... 03. Image hosting by Photobucket

17 more + 3 re-posted Angel ones )

Take what you want, credit is nice, comments are shiny. ♥
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First of all, since I'm making this entry public anyway, I want to make an announcement to the people that are expecting Christmas cards from me: You will get them, of course (in fact many of them are already done and lying next to me), but... uhm... they might turn out to be more like mid-January greetings. :"> As most of you know I'm having a few monetary issues at the moment, and I can't afford all that postage. But I will get them out eventually, I swear! Just thought I'd let you know so you don't think I've forgotten you. ♥

Secondly, mostly for me because I want to have them all neatly in one post - the requested ficlets. They're all very short, unbetaed and pretty much just a writing exercise, but feel free to read. ;)

'Maybe' - Sawyer/Sayid, 249 words )
'Second Chances' - Locke, 159 words )
'Who Needs Blue Hair?' - Ginny/Blaise, 153 words )
'No Mistakes' - Brian/Justin, 161 words )
'Nightmare' - Wallace/Keith, 103 words )
'Show Me Your Friends...' - Logan/Veronica, 514 words )

As I said, they were done just for fun and in a matter of minutes, but concrit is of course welcome. :) And if you want to give me more prompts, feel free to do so.
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I haven't felt like making graphics in ages, but tonight - despite bad mood - there was a sudden burst of inspiration. \:D/ Just a couple of random VM icons (still haven't seen 2x03), plus two AmeliƩ icons I made some time ago, plus the corresponding bases - but I decided not to wait with posting, because I have no idea when inspiration will strike again and I don't like having un-posted icons on my harddrive for ages.

1.Image hosted by Photobucket.com... 2.Image hosted by Photobucket.com... 3.Image hosted by Photobucket.com

7 more + 7 bases )

Ressources can be found here.

Credit is nice, but comments are the best. :x Customize bases all you want, or tell me if you want me to do something with them.


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