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Looks like I still have a chance at getting the barista job! *dances* I had given up on it, since they said they'd call mid-last-week (and I kept putting off forgetting to call them), but I just got a call and they said I did really well with the try-out and invited me back for an interview with the manager (who had been away when I was there) next Tuesday. Keep all fingers crossed for me, please? Because I really, really want this job.

Anyway, I finally remembered to listen to the new(-ish) Mountain Goats album, and I really like it. Quick song-by-song thoughts:

Heretic Pride )

And then the new Mindless Self Indulgence album leaked, and it's fabulous. Again, short thoughts while listening for the first time:

If )

Lastly, in a random fit of creativity, I made icons. 30 all in all, a random mix of MCR and FBR bands. Have a preview:

The rest is at my icon journal.
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So, I have been listening to "Goodbye Blues" and the leak/rip of "Pretty.Odd." and I love both of them. Here are my initial song-by-song thoughts, mostly written down as I was listening for the first time. I will start with "Pretty.Odd." so those of you who don't want to know anything about that before it's officially released, but want to read about "Goodbye Blues", can just click the second cut. ;)

Thoughts on Pretty. Odd. )

Thoughts on Goodbye Blues )

Conclusions: Both albums come highly recommended, give them a try if you like pretty, folksy things.


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