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This is just something I was thinking about while browsing the flist, and I realized that I know about most, but not nearly all of you. So for future reference, please tell me:

[Poll #1239184]

For those who are as "awake" as I am right now: This is about how you want people to refer to you, not about the sound of them or anything. Just in case that wasn't clear. And I chose checkboxes in case anyone is comfortable with more than one, but please just check those that you really want people (i.e. me) to use when referring to you.

For clarification regarding myself, I'd really like to try and get people to use ze/hir, but I'm pretty much fine with both male and female pronouns as well. ETA: Just for those who are not familiar with them: There is (or seems to be) a growing desire for at least a third pronoun for those who don't identify as one traditional gender, or for situations where the gender identity of a person is not know. The problem, of course, is that there is no real tradition for such a pronoun in the English language (other than "they", which can be kind of problematic), and creating a new one will inevitably be difficult. I've seen dozens of variations proposed, but the ones that seem to be most prevalent these days are ze/hir or zie/hir (sometimes sie/hir) - the latter is problematic for me personally, because "sie" means "she" and "they" in German. I've never heard any gender-neutral pronoun used in spoken language (that might have to do with not speaking English in everyday life), and certainly not in any "mainstream" context, but it would be awesome if we could get there at some point. Until then I think we all should try to find out which pronoun, be it traditional or new, someone prefers and address them accordingly. END OF PSA.

(P.S. I really wish there was any kind of gender-neutral pronoun in German, but there is none. We don't even have something like "they", we just tend to default to masculine pronouns instead. I personally don't mind, and I've been thinking about getting people to refer to me in the masculine form in general, but it's not even really considered p.c. anymore. DO SOMETHING, GERMANY.)

Wow, I've had one (ONE!) call in 35 minutes. I hope this is a reward for the stressful last week and not the calm before the storm.
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