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So, FOB show last night! It was pretty good, with a surprisingly unfaily audience. (At least where I was standing, I never know what it's like for others.)

It didn't start out too good, because the entry was not very well organized. Stupid crazy teenies pushed and screamed (WHY? Doesn't anyone have any smidge of common sense?) and a lot of people got squished flat against the door, and really, if I hadn't been in that kind of situation before, I'd possibly have panicked. On the upside, we met some fun girls that we ended up hanging out with throughout the show, and Chi somehow found someone from her (Finnish!) town. The world is so ridiculously small sometimes, seriously.

Once we had finally arrived inside the venue (after queuing twice more, once for bag check and once on the stairs that led to the room with the stage, because that hadn't been opened yet), things got much better. We got unexpectedly good spots a few people back and towards the right, and spent the waiting time talking with the girls we met while queuing (and, in Chi's case, the Invisible Children guy). Also, the venue played surprisingly good music!

The first opening act was a band that I just found out are called "Heroes and Zeroes" (I didn't even know they had added anyone to the bill). They were a relatively generic rock band, but pretty good.

Then came the dreaded Killerpilze. Now, they are a young German band, who are surfing on the wave of Tokio Hotel's popularity (in my opinion, at least, though it could be argued that they've existed for a while), and who pretty much fail in every department. Most of the audience really didn't want to see them and met them with booing and thumbs down. It was pretty harsh, and even though I don't like them, I ended up feeling pretty bad for them. I don't know, there's a difference between just kind of ignoring an opening act, and openly being assholes to them, you know? They earned some grudging respect from me by the way they handled the situation (i.e. half adopting a "fuck you, we're here to stay whether you like it or not" attitude and half trying to get everyone to just drop their bias and have a good time) and by being surprisingly good at playing. (Ok, and their - 14-year-old, WTF - drummer made me smile. He looked all "Yay, I'm drumming! Watch me drum! :D :D")

After that, everyone was more than ready for FOB, and they got the crowd going from the first moment. To be honest, I barely remember any specifics from the show, because I was busy singing and jumping my little heart out. *lol* Some random points of interest:

- They played (in no particular order, because I can never remember that stuff): A Little Less 16 Candles, Arm's Race, I Don't Care, America's Suitehearts (I think? It was something with "American" and he talked about the new album before, and neither Chi nor I recognized it as a cover of anything, so I'm just assuming that's what it was. I don't actually remember much from it.), Thriller, Chicago Is So Two Years Ago, Sugar We're Going Down, Grand Theft Autumn, Hum Hallelujah, I Slept With Someone in FOB, Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner, Me & You, The Take Over, Thnks Fr Th Mmrs, This Ain't A Scene, and Beat It, Dance Dance, and Saturday for the Encore.

- After all the pushing during entry I didn't expect it, but the crowd was actually great. There were the usual girls who'd spend half the show filming and glaring at you when you accidentally touched them, but most people were pretty cool and there was a surprising amount of hardcore-ish guys who were really into it. This is totally sexist of me, but in most cases true: moshing with guys is just way more fun. (Unless they're stupid kids who don't know what they're doing, but the people at this show were great and actually used their common sense.)

- One guy somehow got a bloody nose anyway (During the I Slept With Someone... circle pit, I think? Though he must have been outside the circle itself.) and Pete made sure that he was ok and got him a towel. He seems to be pretty good with dealing with that type of situation - it's probably a matter of experience, but still, not every performer seems to have that much of a clue.

- Kind of random, but Joe's hair is starting to scare me. Or make me jealous, I'm not sure.

- Pete talked a bit every now and then, but I don't really remember much of it. The introduction to "I Don't Care" was pretty awesome, though, when he would say all kinds of things about people doubting etc. and made us shout "I Don't Care" over and over. I don't know, it was kind of cathartic.

- He also hung off Patrick a lot, not just during... uhm, that one moment in that one song, I fail. And he seemed kind of generally tired, as did the rest of the band, in my opinion. (They weren't off or anything, just seemed less there than last time I saw them.)

- Shameful (because it's so incredibly pretentious and presumptuous) secret: Sometimes I want to write essays on the psychology of Pete going into the audience during "Saturday" (regarding both him and the audience). He got his shirt ripped off, and to be honest, it made me kind of uncomfortable, even though he's probably used to it and expects it to happen. *facepalm*

- Oh, and I almost forgot about that, but they had some really awesome guitars with LEDs or something that lit up like neon ads.

And once again there are no pictures, because I can never be bothered. :| Chi took some, I'll just link you if she puts up a review.

P.S. [livejournal.com profile] pure189, how did you like it? I'm curious. Did you end up hanging around afterwards?
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