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a) A belated Happy Birthday to [livejournal.com profile] gamiila! :)

b) As long as most of you stay here, I'm not going to leave LJ, but just in case:

scatterheart@JF | seltsam@GJ | scatteredheart@IJ
wideocean@last.fm | scatterheart@twitter | wide_ocean@myspace

In case LJ explodes tomorrow, you shouldn't have a problem tracking me down. :|

c) All around anonymous love-in meme edited away after some hours, because ok, that meme didn't make much sense, did it? Maybe I'll spread some happy later on in a different way. :) *lmao* Ok, editing it in again. I have weird issues sometimes, ok? So, love meme that won't leave anyone sad that nobody mentioned them:

In the comments to this post, leave some anonymous love. BUT! You can't name names. Just write down whatever you want to say to your friends/crushes/cats/etc. and let everyone share the love! Yay!

Anon on, IP-logging off, yadda yadda. This layout sucks, so you'll need to click "more options" to comment anonymously.

d) Also, ETA: I've fallen muchly in love with The Office. ♥
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... LJ is going to let me post? So: New crack: The Hype Machine. Founds gems such as another strange music blog and Berlin Underground 1979-1983 (has 2 very early Neubauten tracks I've never heard, even)

Life otherwise: meh. Watched Pirates, liked it. Want to post cryptic emo entries, good thing LJ is a bitch. Am still into bandom. TTYL?


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