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First of all, sorry for being so antisocial lately. I read pretty much everything, but I'm comment-blocked to the point where I type three paragraphs and then decide that it's stupid and don't post it. *facepalm*

Secondly, the day started excitingly: When I came to work, a little bird had flown into the stairwell and was banging its tiny head against the windows and not finding the way back out. I carefully tried to catch it and take it outside, but it would only squeak and escape again. Just as I was about to give up, however, it hopped onto my hand instead of flying away, and I carried it down three flights of stairs. Not going to lie, I had a bit of a Disney princess moment there (only the bird was not talking :( ). Anyway, we were almost out of the door when the bird flew back upstairs again. *facepalm* This time it let me catch it, though, and I was able to take it outside in my hands. I put it down and it just stood there with closed eyes and kind of hyperventilated for a while, and I was afraid it was going to die, but a colleague who came down for a smoke break just told me that a bunch of other birds had gathered around as if to protect it, and that it had flown away a few minutes after I had gone. Fittingly, I was wearing this shirt. :D I also took a photo, but won't be able to post it until I'm home tonight.

And last but not least, the Sweet Charity auction starts today, 2 p.m. GMT! I signed up, after all, so if you want, you can bid on a bunch of custom icons/header/CD covers/flyers/etc. as well as my services translating your English texts into German (or proofreading your German homework ;) ). This round, all proceeds go to Invisible Children.
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