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Mar. 7th, 2007 02:17 am
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Not much to say on "24" - the last 10 minutes or so were fun, and everybody going all Not really spoilery, but who knows... )

Haven't seen Heroes or The Black Donnellys yet, damn you, slow torrents.

Prison Break 2x19  )

And now, a poll, because I've had that damn song stuck in my head all day, and because I can't find an affordable mp3-player *woe* and decided to console myself by spending money that I don't have on fixing up my hair instead.

[Poll #941487]

And now to bed. Love you all. :X

TV Talk

Feb. 28th, 2007 08:45 pm
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I bought a shiny new mouse today, yay! (A computer one, not the cute beady-eyed kind.) The old one barely worked anymore, and I needed to get a new keyboard for Dana anyway (because I accidentally dumped a glass of water on it *facepalm*). And treated myself to the "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" DVD, because it's one of my comfort movies and it was on sale for a couple of Euros. So going to regret that *continues to be broke*, but I need something to battle the emoness, dammit.

Ok, enough boring real life, here's what's really important:

Prison Break 2x18 - Wash )

Heroes 1x17 - Company Man )
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Prison Break 2x17 )

Heroes 1x16 )

And now, two more drabbles I did for people who posted the drabble meme - everyone I haven't gotten around to yet: I will, promise. :X Spontaneous and unbeta'd, so don't expect too much, I guess.

For nairie: Trust, Michael/Sara, PG, 251 words )

For marishna: Awake, implied Sam/Jess, PG, 224 words )

And before I go to bed now: Happy Birthday, [ profile] umeedmerchant!! :)


Jan. 31st, 2007 12:09 am
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We're switching internet providers this week, so from tomorrow on I won't be online for a couple of days. They're supposed to switch the new connection on on the 2nd, but I don't expect something like that to ever go smoothly. So should I be gone for longer, that's why. If there's anything you think I mustn't miss, please leave a link! ♥

That said, some short TV talk:

Prison Break 2x15 )

24 6x06 )

Busy day tomorrow, see you all as soon as I got a connection again! ♥
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But first: A somewhat late Happy Birthday to the lovely [ profile] previolace and a definitely late Happy Birthday to [ profile] seedyapartment! I ♥ both of you muchly and hope you get all the awesome things you deserve this year!

Now, the reason I haven't been around much: Prison Break. I've been honestly marathoning it the past few days. I really don't need another fandom, but that show just continues to be so. damn. good. Ok, so the logic is still lacking at times, but the pretty and 24-esque levels of excitement make up for it. Some spoilery late-night and thus incoherent thoughts up to 2x09 (I think?) )

That said, can anyone rec me any Michael/Sara fics? I've searched, but didn't find anything good. :( And the UST is sort of killing me.

In other TV news, I still haven't gotten around to watching the new Heroes, but we did see 24 yesterday. Short, spoilerish thoughts on 6x05 )

In more TV news, Happy SPN Day! Well, for you Americans, at least. For all those who don't have the pleasure of watching Thursday nights, [ profile] nymeria has created a support community: [ profile] spn_pityparty. Go join! \:D/

Ok. Musical about me post coming soon, as well as icons, if my muses ever decide to come out of hibernation. *points to current icon and scrunches up nose*


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